Fashion for a Greener Tomorrow: MUA STUDIOS 02

Join our eco-conscious community and make a difference. Buy our eco-friendly tote bags and help us plant 5 trees with each purchase. Be part of the change.

"Well, at just 21 years old, I wanted to prove that age doesn't have to be a barrier to making a real impact. I created MUA STUDIOS 02 to make sustainable living effortless and accessible through stylish accessories. Sustainability shouldn't be sacrificial or cost-prohibitive. This is about democratizing eco-consciousness and letting your style choices drive meaningful change. "

Ulises Cheong (Founder)

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Our Mission

Air purification and reforestation are our goals. Every tree we plant contributes to a healthier planet. Imagine what we can achieve together—one tote bag at a time.

Help Us Reach Our Goal Of Planting 50,000 Trees


In collaboration with Sprout, we guarantee that every tree planted makes a real difference. Even if the journey starts from scratch, we promise transparency.


Eco-friendly totes make a statement, not just about fashion. Versatile, durable, and minimalist, these bags instantly elevate your style while reducing your carbon footprint.

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Progress Tracker

Witness our forest grow! Our real-time tracker on the homepage counts the trees we plant with each purchase. Our goal? 50,000 trees. With your support, that number is rising.

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Join Our Community

Bringing our collective power to the fashion industry will revolutionize it. Make a difference with our eco-conscious community. Whether you purchase a tote, spread the word, or plant trees with us, your contribution matters.

Let's redefine fashion and sustainability. Let's plant trees together and revitalize our planet together.